Wells Fargo Recruits Top-Tier Talent from the Belk College of Business

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

As a leader in the financial services industry, Wells Fargo understands the value that top-tier talent brings to an organization. The Belk College of Business welcomed several Wells Fargo executives back to the UNC Charlotte Center City campus this November for an on-campus recruiting and networking event. Wells Fargo, in a search to recruit ambitious, career-ready associates for their esteemed Quantitative Associate program (QAP), once again looked to the Belk College of Business.

As described by Wells Fargo, the QAP is designed to provide associates with the opportunity to gain comprehensive professional and industry experience that prepares them to develop, implement, calibrate, validate or audit various analytical models. With summer internship and full-time opportunities available, Wells Fargo searches for the top students across several prestigious programs, including Ivy League schools, to find the right fit for these highly sought-after roles. The Quantitative Associate program connects rising talent from the Belk College of Business to potential careers in securities, market & counterparty risk, trading products & risk model validation, mortgage modeling and audit. 

The Belk College of Business maintains strong relationships with the business community that strengthen the high-level recruiting efforts of companies, like Wells Fargo. On-campus recruiting events offer a direct pipeline that connects the business community with top-tier talent from the College. In the last year, the Wells Fargo QAP selected multiple students to complete the interview process, with one outstanding UNC Charlotte student being hired into the highly competitive program.

The Belk College of Business is proud to offer tailored career development opportunities, like the Wells Fargo Quantitative Associate Program event, for its students. The Graduate Programs Career Development team is dedicated to providing a philosophy and practice that is student-centered. Associate Director of Graduate Student Career Development, Robin Boswell, notes that, “It is essential to our goal of providing excellent career services for students to continue to partner with organizations, like Wells Fargo, so that we not only meet the needs of employers and students, but also fulfill the greater mission of UNC Charlotte to be a valuable community partner in this region.” Several professional development seminars are highly attended by students throughout the year to prepare them for careers in their prospective fields of study. Robin Boswell suggests the three career development opportunities, listed below, as the perfect fit for current M.S. in Math Finance students:


Self-select a time to meet with career advisors to fine tune their resumes so that their relevant experience in and out of the classroom speaks to the market needs.


Gain critical advice on interview skills by meeting with an advisor, reading tip guides, watching tutorial videos, conducting an in-person mock interview or even practicing virtual interviewing.


Convenient and timely opportunities for students to meet with company representatives to learn more about employer needs and how they might be a solution for those needs.

Learn more about Career Development resources or schedule a one-on-one career counseling session.



The UNC Charlotte Belk College of Business Mathematical Finance program draws upon faculty from three departments within UNC Charlotte: the Department of Finance from the Belk College of Business, the Department of Economics from the Belk College of Business, and the Department of Mathematics from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. The Master of Science in Mathematical Finance is nationally ranked and in the top 20 Mathematical Finance Programs by The Financial Engineer.

Interested in learning more?  Contact the M.S. in Math Finance Program Leadership.

Weidong Tian

Director, MAFI Program and Professor of Finance and Distinguished Professor in Risk Management and Insurance

Amy Riter

Associate Director of Graduate Student Services