Dnyanada Deshmukh

Favorite Place in Charlotte: Freedom Park

Hometown: Pune, India

Undergrad institution and degree: University of Pune, India; Electrical Engineering and MBA in Finance

Dream Job: Quantitative Risk Analyst in the financial industry

Dnyanada Deshmukh
Master of Science in Mathematical Finance
What program did you pursue and why?

I pursued my Master’s in Mathematical Finance with a concentration in Risk Management. Mathematics has been my strength and I am interested in leveraging my expertise to solve risk management problems.

Why did you choose the Belk College of Business?

Belk College of Business is located in Charlotte, NC which is the fastest growing city in the region and second largest financial hub in the U.S.. It is also one of the few leading business schools that provide a quantitative component in the area of finance. Belk College of Business brings together excellent faculty, small class culture and great job opportunities.

What activities do you enjoy when not working or studying?

Along with academics, I am focused on building my professional network and learning about job opportunities. Outside the classroom I like to spend time with my friends and family. Additionally, I like traveling, hiking and reading.

What has been the best part of your academic experience?

The best part of my academic experience so far has been the Quantitative Risk Management class taught by Professor Dr. Roy DeMeo. He was able to bring current business problems into the classroom and teach us how to solve those using mathematical tools and techniques. Belk College offers a stimulating environment to practice out of the box thinking and a practical approach to solving business problems.

What advice to you have for students applying to the Math Finance program?

For prospective students who are considering the Mathematical Finance program, I would say Belk College offers one of the best programs across the U.S.. You will get an opportunity to choose one of the three concentrations (Computational Finance, Risk Management, or Financial Data Analytics) according to your interests and employer demand in the industry. The faculty in the program is excellent and easy to connect with. You will gain real world experience and have access to industry thought leaders throughout the program.

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