During the academic year at UNC Charlotte students take the following:

Fall Semester

  • FINN 6203 - Financial Economic Theory

  • MATH 6203 - Stochastic Calculus for Finance I

  • ECON 6113 - Cross-Section and Time-Series Econometrics

  • MATH 6205 - Financial Computing

Spring Semester

  • FINN 6212 - Advanced Financial Derivatives

  • FINN 6211 - Fixed Income Securities and Credit Risk

  • MATH 6204 - Numerical Methods for Financial Derivatives

  • MATH 6206 - Stochastic Calculus for Finance II

Access course descriptions here. In addition to these courses, students are also required to pass the comprehensive exam through UNC Charlotte

Two courses from the following courses offered by the program at SUFE can be used to replace corresponding courses offered by the program at UNC Charlotte:

  • Analysis of Financial Derivative Instruments

  • Stochastic Process

  • Fixed Income Securities

  • Financial Econometrics

The credits of the above-mentioned courses can be transferred to UNC Charlotte.